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VT-WS030A Mini HDMI wireless extender 4K
4K@30Hz resolution
Compact design
HDMI 1.4, HDCP 1.4

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VT-WS030A Mini HDMI wireless extender

Part No.: VT-WS030A


VT-WS030A is the perfect solution to transmit HDMI video/audio signal wirelessly in Boardrooms and Conference Rooms. 

This tiny thing can be installed in any conference room, trade show or stage where long cables can be a burden.


1. Wirelessly transmits HDMI video/audio over 5GHz WiFi;

2. Support resolution up to 4K@30Hz;

3. Nearly Zero latency and great lip-snyc performance over 5GHz WiFi technology;

4. Point-to-point transmission up to 50 meters;

5. One-to-two multicast up to 35 meters in open space;

6. USB powered, plug and play, no extra power supply needed;

7. Can be used for wireless video presentations in conference rooms, trade shows and performance stages etc.


1. HDMI Mini transmitter------------------------------------------------1 Pcs

2. HDMI Mini receiver ---------------------------------------------------1 Pcs

3. USB cable--------------------------------------------------------------2 Pcs

4. HDMI adapter---------------------------------------------------------2 Pcs

5. User Manual-----------------------------------------------------------1 Pcs

4.0 Demo Video

One-To-Two multicast:

One-To-Two Distance:

5.0 Diagram

VT-WS030 1-TO-2.jpg

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