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Digital to 5.1CH analog audio decoder
Dolby Digital
Optical and coaxial input
RCA output

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Digital to 5.1CH analog audio decoder

Part No.: VT-51R

VT-51R 01 web.jpg


Cost-effective solution for home A/V devices with digital optical or coaxial audio outputs to be decoded into analog multi-channel surround sound for older AV receiver, preamp or amplifier.


1, Enjoy home-theater sound effect using existing equipments, no costly hardware upgrade needed.

2, Support 2 optical audio inputs, 1 coaxial input and 1 AUX stereo input.

3, Featured with 24-bit audio DSP and 96 KHz digital receiver for sampling rate up to 192 KHz.

4, Using dynamic surround technology to transform a 2-channel stereo sound from its AUX stereo input with 6-channel surround sound effect.

5,  AC-3, Dolby Digital, DTS, LPCM or PCM format can be decoded into 5.1 analog surround sound to front left/front right, surround left/surround right, center and subwoofer channel with directional effect for working with existing amplifier and speakers.


Digital to 5.1CH analog audio decoder-------------------------------------1Pcs

5V DC power supply---------------------------------------1Pcs

Optical Cable-----------------------------------------1Pcs

User manual----------------------------------------1Pcs

4.0 Application diagram

Input Panel.jpg

Output panel.jpg


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