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1080P 4x1 seamless switcher quad multiviewer
Seamless HDMI switch
4x1 quad multiviewer
Support IR

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1080P 4x1 quad HDMI switcher

Part No.: VT-D941

VT-D941 web.jpg


HDMI 4x1 Quad Multi-viewer is a high performance with four HD screen segmentation and seamless switching output switch.  It can display 4x HD digital video signal on the same screen and has a variety of video segmentation, seamless switching 4 HD input signal synchronously. The control methods of the switch is flexible, it can be switched via button and IR control. It’s a very practical and stable switch and easy to install, can be used in the major projects, meeting halls and other places.


1. Max resolution up to 1920x1080@60Hz. 

2. 4x1 HDMI seamless switcher with zero latency.

3. 4x1 quad multiviewer.

4.Support IR control.

3.0 Demo Video


4x1 quad multiview DIAGRAM.jpg

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